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Go directly to the Minerals Commission Online Repository portal by clicking the button below.


Online Repository
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The Online Repository portal is available from the Minerals Commission website ( and is accessed using your internet browser (preferably Google Chrome). Microsoft Edge is also supported, but the old version of Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported. (It is no longer supported by Microsoft).

How do I register? Click “Register” button and follow the instructions. You need an email address to register, and you need to click on the link sent to your email address to activate your account.
How do I register to represent my company ? After you have registered, click the « Apply Online » button to select which company you represent. A list of companies will appear. You can search in the list and select the company you work for, then click « Submit ». The Minerals Commission will now verify that you are actually representing this company.

If your email address clearly identifies you as staff of the company you selected, or you are known to the Minerals Commission, you will be approved and next time you log into the portal you will see additional functions. However, if there is no proof that you actually represent the company, you need to visit the titles department to show proof of accreditation before they approve you as a company representative. I have set up a new company, how do I add it to the list? If you do not find your company in the list, click the “Cannot find Owner” button at the bottom of the list and register all the details of the company. Be sure to include the tax ID number and contact details. When completed, click submit. The Minerals Commission will now verify the details. Once approved, access will be granted to the features.

How do I know when I represent a company?

When you represent a company, your user profile on the top right will show differently. It will look like this: You can also see your user profile; under the “request” tab that your request to represent a company has been approved by the Minerals Commission.
This document is meant for companies and government staff who want to understand how the online submission process works. It is also meant as a user and help guide for anyone who is using the portal.

Portal Overview: What you can do online

The portal serves both the purpose of systematically disclosing information about mining licenses to the public, and allowing companies to manage their applications and licenses online. Systematic disclosure – access to all license related information

The Minerals Commission is committed to transparency that serves both civil society insight into the mining sector, and to attract investment by assuring all stakeholders that licensing process is rules-based and predictable as per the national laws and regulations. All users who register can gain insight into the sector, and is allowed to search all the information through available modules:

⦁ Licenses : search the list of active and historical licenses and view their details ⦁ Owners : search in the company list and see their portfolio of licenses ⦁ Map : view licenses or application on a map, apply filters Self-service – manage your own compliance

The portal enpowers companies to manage their own compliance, ensuring they have submitted their reports and paid their fees on time. The underlying management system at the Minerals Commission knows what you need to report and pay, and the portal alerts you to do so accordingly.

Here is a list of what you can do in the portal

⦁ Draft and submit applications : draft an application, save it to work on later and finally submit your application and receive application receipt with your queue number. Follow the process of your application and be notified of changes to your applications status. ⦁ Submit reports that are due : the portal knows which reports are due for your active licenses and will alert you to log in to attach and submit your reports accordingly. You can see the deadline and the date you submitted. ⦁ Pay oustanding fees : the portal knows when you have fees due. Attach proof of payment to alert the finance department of the Minerals Commission to confirm your payment in the system. Managing your license – Submitting reports online Once you have an active license, you will have obligations to submit reports as is required for that license type. The portal helps you with this, as it shows you which reports needs to be submitted with what deadline. The portal also shows you the result of the Minerals Commission’s review of the report, whether it was considered compliant or not. Managing your license – paying your fees on time The portal also alerts you to any outstanding fees that needs to be paid.

Submitting Applications online The online applications process – what you need to know Once you have submitted your application, it will be processed in four steps. For each step you will be notified of how it progresses.



After you have submitted, you will get an application code and weekly email notificactions on the progress of your applications. The application starts in “registration” status, where all your documents will be checked and your company’s tax ID number verified.

Then it will go to “validation” of the license coordinates, to ensure it does not overlap with existing licenses or protected areas. Then it proceeds to “approval” status, where no-objections from relevant authorities are required and a recommendation to approve the application. From there it goes to license pending, which means the certificate is being prepared for signature. Once signed, it changes status to “active license”.

Note that your application may be given a license code already in the approval stage, but the license is only considered valid when in active license status. Drafting an application

Go to « Draft Applications » module, by cliking on the symbol on the top menu. Here you will see a list of your applications that you are working on.

New Application

Click « New Application » to start completing a new application and start filling in the form. Note that you first have to select a license type, which defines what is required to be submitted. Note that some license types may need few documents and no coordinates, while other license types may need extensive documentation and coordinates. Once you have selected the license type, the portal knows what else you need to submit. There are three steps to complete ;

Step 1 – License type details

Select which company you represent and apply on behalf of. Then select which minerals you are looking for. Then select which region you are applying for and specify the name of the site or closest village, whatever is used to identify the location for the people living in the area.

Step 2 - Documents

For each document that is required to be submitted, click “select” to identify the respective files on your computer and click to upload it. When uploading you will see a progress bar and finally a green light when the document has been uploaded and successfully attached.
In case you upload a pdf file that contains several of the documents requested, you can attach the same file to all of those that apply. Note that you cannot submit unless you have attached a file for all of the required documents.

Step 3 – Coordinates

When you enter your coordinates you will see all active licenses on the map, to help you apply for an area that is actually available. Other licenses in the area you are interested in may be shown when you slide the license button. The best way to enter your coordinates is to use the example in excel .CSV file format that is described in the blue information box. Download the exmaple file and edit it in Excel.

You can also upload a KML file. Note that the coordinates should be in the right order, as if you can draw from point to point to make out the polygon. Edit the file and save it on your computer, then click « Browse … » to select the file and upload. If the coordinates are valid, the portal will immediately draw and zoom into the polygon like this :

You may make changes to the coordinates by clicking its corners and changing the numbers in the cells on the right. You may also create a new coordinate by cliking on a center-point between two existing points to add a coordinate there. It is also possible to use a drawing tool, by cliking the tool on top of the map, if you want to freely mark out an area.

Note that some license types do not require coordinates. For these the tab will be grey and not possible to click.
Keep working on your draft, then submit The first time you create a draft application, you may at any time save it by clicking « Create ».

After that it will be listed as a draft in your draft application module and you can keep coming back to it, make changes and save it by clicking « Update »

When you are finally ready to submit, click « submit ». The portal will now check if you have completed everything correctly. If you have not done so, it will tell you what is missing. If everything is correct it submits the application.

Note that you can not change an application that has been submitted. When the application shows a green status sign with an application code, then it has been received.When you open the application profile, you will see the application code and submission date on the left side.


Follow the process of your application


Once you have submitted, click on the button to go to the « My Applications » module to follow the progress of your application. Here You will see all the applications you have submitted and in which status they are.
Submitting Reports online
The portal allows online submission of reports that are expected under each license. These reports are predefined according to a schedule, as part of license obligations.
Submitting scheduled reports
Some licenses requires reports to be submitted on a regular basis, for examaple progress reports, annual reports or production reports. Whenever a report is due, the portal sends an email to notify companies about which licenses have due reports. The top menu of the Online Repository is also highlighted in yellow, to show where something needs to be done.
Click on the yellow highlighted tabs to find out what needs to be submitted. You will see the status of each report. When it has not yet been submitted, users can upload the reports and submit. Uploading reports is done in the following steps : Click on « Browse …» to select the file on your computer Click upload to transfer the file. You will now see a progress bar as the file loads.
⦁ Click Submit, when the file has been transferred successfully and you have a green indicator light. Once submitted, this will be acknowledged and users will also see the result of the review by the Minerals Commission.
Status Description
Not Submitted Needs to be submitted through the portal
Received but not reviewed Waiting for the Commission’s review
Reviewed as not compliant Contact the Commission for reason
Reviewed as compliant with issues Report is accepted, but there are issues that needs to be addressed and this will be communicated by the Commission.
Review as compliant Report has been accepted as compliant.

All submitted reports show the date it was submitted, next to the deadline.
Companies can thereby manage their own compliance by ensuring they report on time.

Payment of fees online

When licenses and applications have fees due for payment, the portal notifies the users about this and its higlighted in yellow in their license profile. Companies may upload the proof of payment from the bank, and submit this to the Commission for faster and easier reconciliation. Once the finance department has confirmed the funds have been received by the Commission, the payment will be processed in the system.

Note that the portal only shows outstanding fees. Once the payment has been confirmed, it is no longer listed as a fee in the license profile. Support

The Help Pages

First you may consult the help pages. You will find it on the top menu to the right, indicated by a questions mark button. If you don’t find the help you are looking for, you may contact the help desk at MinCom.

The Help Desk

Minerals Commission’s help desk will be able to guide you through registration and owners representation requests in the portal. The help desk may also guide you with submissions and any common problems encountered.
The help desk has access to the underlying MCAS system, where all information you submit is received and may look up any details under your company.

Contact Support If the help desk is not able to explain or correct the problem, it will be escalated to the RDF support team,
When contacting support, please be specific and provide the following information: ⦁ WHERE : Which page in the portal are you having problems with. Paste the url into the email. ⦁ HOW : Describe which user clicked on what buttons ⦁ WHAT : What did you expect to get as result. ⦁ ERROR MESSAGE? If you see an error message on the screen, copy the message and paste the entire message into the email.

Response time should normally be the same day, and always under 24 hrs.

We would want to hear from you.

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